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\documentclass{revtex} \usepackage{colortbl} \makeatletter \def\[email protected]@[email protected] color{% \global\let\[email protected]@color\relax \@tempdima\wd\[email protected] and it say the tex package you look for is contained in the ubuntu package whose name is texlive-latex-base, so install it, if not already installed. colortbl – Add colour to LaTeX tables. The package Sources, /macros/latex/ contrib/colortbl. Documentation Contained in, TeX Live as colortbl MiKTeX as. I added \usepackage{colortbl} to the preamble, tried to compile the Usually when I hit a ".sty not found" error, it means that the required ¹ System: openSUSE (Linux ), TeX Live (vanilla), TeXworks The colortbl package: Add colour to LaTeX tables. Requires array and color packages. Process to produce the package file Process. MiKTeX Package Manager is synchronized with the last used 'Package Repository'. Your error occurs when the last used one is a CTAN mirror. NAME. csv2latex — convert a csv file into a LaTeX document This option uses the extra `colortbl' LaTeX package. If you also use --nohead option, do not. Running rmarkdown out of RStudio on Ubuntu I am getting errors trying to generate PDFs. These started cropping up as we. Download texlive-colortbl packages for CentOS, Fedora, OpenMandriva,, Add colour to LaTeX tables. Download tex( packages for ALTLinux, CentOS, Fedora, openSUSE.

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