Collier county code enforcement lien search Website Disclaimer: This website is provided to you free of charge. The Collier County Clerk of the Circuit Court (Clerk) uses its best efforts to. Costs incurred by County; assessment of lien. Sec. . CODE ENFORCEMENT BOARD — The Collier County Code Enforcement Board of the Circuit Court and recorded among the public records of Collier County, Florida. The cost for this service is $ per address. For payoff or Lien Search just. Please contact the Code Enforcement Office at () to report a concern. you to, from there you can search for laws by key words or. COLLIER COUNTY CODE ENFORCEMENT BOARD. IMPOSITION OF FINES/ LIEN HEARING. CEB CASE NO. CEROW2O15OO23O3O. *Lien search results will not report issues beyond the Code Enforcement Department's jurisdiction, such as open permits and utility bills, and payoff information. To review Collier County Code of Laws and Ordinances in their entirety, please CLICK HERE. This link will take you to, from there you can search . Code Enforcement Division helping to clean up neighborhoods. Division enforces numerous County Codes and Ordinances of Law in Collier County. If you do not have this information and wish to obtain a case status, please contact the Code Enforcement Department at and provide the address. Records Search Zoning maps are maps of all of the zones of Collier County as amended by the Land Development Code (LDC).

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