label for="boxid">not checkedlabel>. EDIT: Working.">

Change checkbox label text jquery

Using jQuery: $('#boxid').click(function() { if and in your HTML: checkbox">label for="boxid">not checkedlabel>. EDIT: Working. When a checkbox is checked or unchecked, its label can change accordingly. When changed, labels can be bolded, colors changed, even the text can be. I want to change a textbox value by clicking on checkbox in jquery, how can I do this? click event for the checkbox and inside it you need to change the value of the text box. . label>checkbox" id="options"> click herelabel>. Because:checkbox is a jQuery extension and not part of the CSS specification, queries using:checkbox .text("For this type jQuery found " + + "."). checkbox is checked or not with jQuery and then how to change it to be a checkbox when clicking some text; that's what HTML label>s are. In lets you make labels of checkboxes and radio buttons clickable. If you use label>, the text after the checkbox becomes clickable. var selectedProduct = $(".q1 input:checked + label").text(); Now that won't work because the label is now the parent. What do I need to change. I have a set of checkboxes in a jqxWindow. Based on certain actions being taken the text value of the checkbox(s) need to change dynamically. Simple jQuery code snippet to get label text associated with checkbox. Get the label easily using jQuery referencing the inputs id and attribute. Then i altert you jquery to: This provides a dynamic way to change the text and you dont have to care about ID's disappeared after you changed the text - I guess changing the label text replaces the check box element (not.