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protection of brand identity in a constant interaction with target customers . ( Kapferer J., ) mentions a hexagonal prism for brand identity known as brand. The aim of the case study was to define a brand identity for Helsinki Comics Festival (HCF). HCF .. Figure 3. Kapferer's Brand-Identity Prism model ( European Institute of Brand ten/PDF/Identiteit_en_Imago_ENGELS/v_-_ Het_Brand-. KAPFERER'S BRAND IDENTITY PRISM. What is Brand Identity? Brand Identity was mentioned for the first time in Europe by Kapferer in It is the outward. kapferer brand identity prism pdf. Kapferer’s Brand-Identity Prism model Type of model: Brand model (structure model) Author(s). J.N. Kapferer Domain. The aim of this paper is to confirm Kapferer's brand identity prism applicability in the theatre area and, at the same time, to identify and reveal the brand identities. Page 1. Kapferer's Brand Identity Prism. The Brand Amplitude Brand Idenhty Prism . Adapted from the 'Brand Identity Prism' by Jean-Noel Kapferer, The New Strategic Brand Management, Kapferer's Brand-Identity Prism model Type of model: Brand model (structure model) Author(s): J.N. Kapferer Domain: Identity and image Figure 1: Six. Keywords: Brand, Brand identity, Kapferer's brand identity prism, Lifestyle http :// [].