Blade nano cpx set up

Here you will find the Blade Nano CP X model memory presets for the Below is the table from the manual (page 6) this setup was built from. RC Pro Setup Guide by: Tom Zadar. Setup for the Blade Nano CP X Helicopter – Spektrum DX6I, DX7/DX7se, DX7s, DX8/DX18, DX9 Transmitter. Select a new. The following YouTube video does a great job of showing exactly how to bind your NanoCPS to your DX8G2. The video is actually for the 'CPX'. Question: In the owners manual of the Blade nano CPX for a Spektrum DX7 transmitter, the Rudder D/R & EXP for position '0' and position '1'. I don't think it's the safety switch setup, removing that has no effect that I can tell, other Here comes my version of Blade Nano CPX image. Hi all just purchased a new blade nano cpx and I have the new spektrum dx6 just to mess about with and get used to flying a heli but I have. Hi, I have a Blade Nano CPX, I have been learning to fly it in Mode 0. When ever I fly it and shut down the throttle the Heli slams down to the.