Battlefield 4 2 player offline

It'd be nice if Hardline had an offline multiplayer mode like Call of Duty or Counter Strike. It'd be great for those with poor internet connectivity. Playing Battlefield 4 online will truly test your skills in multi-player combat. Explore this Article Getting Ready Prepare for Multiplayer Begin the Online Match Questions . The only way to play offline is in the Campaign. @alshallal No you cannot. Sorry!! Did my post help you? Click "Grant XP" Did my post solve your issue? Click "Accept As Solution" I do not work for EA. Battlefield 4 is a 1-player multiplayer game. While you can play with 64 players online, you can only play with one player per console or PC. View in thread. For Battlefield 4 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board to be simultaneously playing on the same console in multiplayer mode?. Hello,. It will not support splitscreen on the multiplayer mode. Maybe a co-op mode with two player split screen can introduced. Just keep your eyes open for. Go play SWBF if you like that offline rubbish. It seems to be just a backward step for players and taken for no other 3 or 4 years ago and I am soooo bad at multiplayer shooters on console but I am sure there are more people like me wanting a coop and doesn't like multiplayer shooters but coop ones.

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