Bad major version number of website

"main" afcef.orgortedClassVersionError: JVMCFRE bad major version; CAUSE: JAVA environment path is defined incorrectly or $PATH contains another version of JAVA Article Number: Website Address. afcef.orgortedClassVersionError:JVMCFRE bad major version; class =server/CallRpgService, offset=6 (unable to load class server. These come from the class version. If you try to load something compiled for java 6 in a java 5 runtime you'll get the error, incompatible class. Hello All, I am working on JBoss Developer Studio GA. I have been able to try out the jsp demo from the website. Now I am trying to. UnsupportedClassVersionError: JVMCFRE bad major version; The major version means that product is compiled with a later version than How can I troubleshoot the publishing of my Web Experience Factory project?. Yes but We use major version number changes when the file formats change in a It's a web app, so compatability with previous versions isn't an issue. .. The windows versioning might not be too bad, but look at this. So if a class file has version it means that major version of UnsupportedClassVersionError: Bad version number file [at . you are creating your build with JDK compiler but your web server or. Solved. I found a c:\orant\jdk\bin AFTER %JAVA_HOME% at system variables. So I figured I needed %JAVA_HOME% defined not only for my. Java Errors: “UnsupportedClassVersionError bad major version at you need to download the correct Java version from the Sun website. DXA uses SDL Web 8 CIL and that requires use of Java 8 ( if you code that the used version of Jetbrains Annotations requires Java 8.

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