Ampeg 4x12 cabinet reviews

I use it for over a year with an Ampeg V4 amp like. What I like most is the sound of all V4 + V2, even if one is supposed to be a bass amp and the other a guitar. You're looking at an awesome AMPEG 4x12 CAB. This cab is in excellent condition. A name you can trust for quality in Ampeg. This cab came from the 80s so. The VTA 4x12" Ampeg slantfront cabinet mentioned in the previous messages has been sitting back in the studio unused and out of mind. Hey guys, I currently play through a Sovtek Mig U and a Mesa Rectifier 4x12 slant cab. A buddy of mine moved out of state, and couldn't. Sorry for all the cab threads but does anyone know what kind of quality these cabs are? I can get one for around after taxes and everythign. an Ampeg e bass cab and an Ampeg V4 4x12 bass cabinet. are sound quality, reliability, and whether they overall good cabinets. See reviews and prices for the Ampeg V Guitar Cabinet, who is using it, how they are using it, and what they are saying about it on Equipboard. I browse round Ebay and I always see Ampeg 4x12's. I used to be a .. i dont support any aspect of it but that cab is KILLING me. Originally. The V4's are heavy, industrial strength cabs, with very good build quality. I'm using it as my 4x12 test cab, and have just left the insulation in.