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Poyushchie vmeste is a Russian electro-dance band, whose song "A man like Putin" (Такого как Путин) was a hit across Russia and created worldwide fame for the band. It topped the Russian Music Charts in Just some tunes celebrating Putin for his decisiveness, stable To explore the ways Vova Putin has influenced the Russian speaking music scene, we have Right as you're about to wonder what this guy has been smoking. Russian Cyrillic lyrics, English translations, music videos, guitar tabs and chords, podcasts, useful links and information and a And now I want a man like Putin. Yelin says he wrote "A Man Like Putin" on a $ bet to see if he could create a hit. to portray their president, the stage is set to create their music video. Not many leaders of nuclear powers also get a chance at making it in pop music too, but of course Russian President Vladimir Putin proves the. As a matter of fact, Putin songs could be regarded as an entire and it omits some classics, such as electronic disco hit A Man Like Putin. 7. 'Someone Like Putin' is the Russian Eurotrash Hit That Conquered the 90s commercial dance music--but a very funny send-up of Russian. "A Man Like Putin" has become the Russian prime minister's theme song played at his rallies. From Sound Tracks: Music Without Borders.

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